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Jamie Brennan

I combine a body-centered and mindfulness approach with a focus on core-self connection so that painful experiences can be recognized, befriended and transformed. Its very important to identify what one is experieincing and doing yet damaging to make an identity out of those painful experiences. We are not our painful experiences. This process relieves past impactful memories and supports you in connecting with your essential spark and dreams. So that the past is no longer present. So you can live from your true rather than your false self. This shift moves one from exhausting efforting to energizing playing which results in an effective and satisfying way of life. I can work with you as a Therapist or as a Coach, depending upon your specific needs. Please see my page on Therapy or Coaching to help you understand the difference. I provide all of my clients with an intake process that clarifies which approach would be best.

I bring play, compassion and the art of discovery into my work with you. Come join me and discover how much more powerful play is than hard work in creating the life and relationships you long for. Although, working hard is fine too. I certainly worked hard for many years but have come to understand that “hard” does not need to be part of the equation. When we experience life as hard it simply means we are resisting our experieince rather than trusting and learning from it. Feeling that something is or should be hard just postpones the shift or solution you are seeking. Current scientific brain research supports that we have the greatest access to our highest functioning when we are in both a calm and alert state at the same time. I will show you how to access and live from that state, and to be able to do so outside as well as inside of our session.

"What you seek is seeking you."


...And sometimes we just need an opportunity to explore in a therapuetic relationship the existential realm of our own life, where we feel an unbearable loss of clarity of purpose, meaning and direction. Engaging in this deeper journey with the guide of a truly present curious and compassionate "other" turns contraction into expansion -I would be honored to take this journey with you. It's when we are most wanting to give up that we are closest to breaking through.

"He explained to me with great insistence that every question possessed a power that did not lie in the answer."

- Elie Wiesel

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