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We come to live our inspired life, relationships and work because of, not in spite of, our greatest challenges and pain. Every challenge and painful experience has at its center a great gift: the opportunity to live from a broader more joyful place. I work with individuals and couples through the inevitable transitions and challenges of life supporting you as you learn how to shift from fear-based to trust, clarity and inspiration-based choices.

“Move, but don’t move the way fear makes you move.”  - Rumi

Relationships, life transitions and losses, fully stepping into your true life’s work and creativity, and spiritual journeys all have the potential to bring you into a freeze, fight, faint or flight state – ultimately offering you the opportunity to live from the truest and most satisfying expressions of who you really are. Coaching or counseling with me will help you to dance with your fears and sense of being stuck in a way that allows you full access to your natural brilliance, your core self, so you can truly enjoy all parts of your life.

Feeling unsatisfied in any part of your life can be a symptom of not knowing that you’re in a blocked state and/or not knowing how to shift into a state of trust where acceptance and inspiration thrive together harmoniously and where satisfying choices become a natural and inevitable outcome. Come experience ease, clarity, relief, empowerment, play, empathy and new levels of self-love as you learn to make this shift! Current brain science demonstrates that we have the greatest access to the highest functioning part of our whole being when we are in an integrated state of relaxation and alertness -a state that I can show you how to cultivate in all aspects of your life. 


We can do this work in the traditional way via one-hour-in-office sessions OR you can choose an alternative approach: Working together while we walk, garden, clean out and or organize spaces in your home that carry emotional or energetic residue from past painful experiences, or through a simple creative activity such as soul collage making. Or we can do a combination -let me know what works for you.

I also offer strategy sessions for developing a committed regular practice of self-care and self-inquiry for increasing your desired results in less time while engaging in any intentional therapeutic or spiritual process or practice. These strategy sessions are 80 minutes long, are often therapeutic but are not intended to be therapy and hold tremendous potential for reaching your goals in less time and with less stress, without overriding integral aspects of your journey.

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