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soul collage

Tap into your intuition and find your relaxed inner muse and healer with Life Coach and Therapist Jamie Brennan. This soul-tending practice honors one’s personal journey while nourishing clarity of direction, personal growth, self-compassion, and courage to live one's truest life  -and is…well, a lot of fun to do! Regardless of your question, vision or dilemma, soul collage delivers you right to the center of your inner wisdom. You'll get to choose and arrange images from magazines on 5X8 cards in ways that delight and revitalize your spirit –each card offering a different and surprising window into your own soul’s beckoning. Your soul collage card becomes a beautiful reminder of a part of you that maybe you forgot or never even knew before.

What your soul beckons, your life is ready to create.

“I am always amazed how, even when I begin a soul collage with an agenda, something fresh and miraculous always emerges. - Peggy C.


Come join a workshop at my venue or host one at your home for friendship and professional groups. This workshop experience can be used to deepen your group's connections, for celebrations of any kind, to catalyze new ideas and creativity or for just plain fun and connecting with your own wild creativity.

What you’ll get in this 2 hour workshop:

-          A completed soul collage, and a delighted and revitalized spirit

-          Writing prompts to help discover deeper meanings within your cards

-          An additional collage card (with protective sleeve) to make at home

-          An option at the end of class to share your card, ponderings and process

Jamie has been an explorer of the soul, flow, relationships, creativity and the unfolding mystery through expressive arts since she can remember. Working with images and colors and shapes is a wonderful way of bypassing the habituated mind and self revealing something simple, true and illuminating about you and about life. Contact Jamie to arrange a SoulCollage experience of your liking.

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